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Taking a professional photographer and his family out for a paddle.

On the last morning of May we had a safety briefing before launching a few first timers off to quickly learn to maneuver a kayak. After they swiftly picked it up we paddled up Henderson Bayou. Against the wind and under the bridge, we easily managed to obey the speed limit sign declaring 6 as the maximum miles per hour. We paddled up to the nice houses bordered with old cypress trees covered in Spanish moss. Iconic Louisiana. We spotted a baby alligator from a safe distance. You know what they say, where there are babies, momma isn't too far away. Eager for more paddling the children in the crew demanded we paddle out in the peaceful still Prien Lake. We spent the remainder of the morning paddling around aimlessly and enjoying conversation. Hearing the father tell his two children they need some kayaks of their own. He said something along the lines of; I had no idea how freeing and amazing this would feel. That alone made it all worth it.

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